BubbaMon v0.13 released

There is a new version of BubbaMon available. Not much has changed, I’m just trying to keep up with this new rapid release cycle, they use for Firefox.

Changes from previous version:

  • Support for new Firefox 6.*
  • Updated links to homepage so they point at the new location
  • Removed BubbaMon settings from Tools menu, in accordance with FF Add-On Guidelines. You can access the settings by right clicking the BubbaMon statusbar area, or from the Tools->Add-Ons page

Known issues:

  • The firmware on B2 and B3 doesn’t allow access to system information as regular user, only download information. A workaround is available here for B2 and here for B3
  • The ratio calculation may be wrong due to incorrect information from the server. Excito has been notified

The new version is available on the project page.

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