BubbaMon for Soundbridge

downloads: 781 | type: deb | size: 16.28 kB
  • Released: Jan 09, 2008
  • Requires: B1 + SoundBridge M100x

What is BubbaMon?

Bubbamon is as a Perl program meant to run on your BUBBA|server. It will collect information like harddisk usage, harddisk temperature, uptime and information about active downloads. This information is then presented on the SoundBridge display, each download on it’s own screen showing name, progress and download speed.

You can navigate through the screens with the remote UP/DOWN. Pressing select when a download is shown, will display a screen asking of you want to cancel download.


Since version 0.6 BubbaMon is a real debian package and installation should be a breeze. To install it, just download the file to your bubba and issue the command (you need to be root) dpkg --install bubbamon_X.Y_all.deb. This will initiate the install.

During installation you’ll be asked a couple of questions, among them what mode you want to run bubbamon in. There are two (actually three) possible modes:

  • Cron When run as a cron job, cron will start bubbamon with a set interval. Each time it is started, it will display all screens. During this “show” you can navigate in the menues with the remote.
  • Daemon When run as a daemon, bubbamon will run in the background and never quit. The benefit of this mode is that you can start a “show” of all screens by pressing MENU_HOME key three times.

The third mode is manual mode, which means you have to start it manually from the command prompt. It will show all screens and then quit. This is mainly usefull during installation/debugging.


No matter what mode you select, BubbaMon will cycle through all screens with a set interval (except in manual mode which requires user action to start bubbamon). Each screen, starting with bubba information screen, is then displayed. When all screens have been dislayed, the SoundBridge is returned to the state it was in when BubbaMon started. Note that while a screen is showing, you have the ability to navigate between the screens with the remote control (see below).


First screen is always the status screen, showing uptime, harddisk usage and temperature.

Next screens will be the active downloads, if any. Each download screen show the name of the file being downloaded, a progressbar showing how much has been downloaded so far, the file size and the current download speed.

Remote control

Whenever BubbaMon is running, you have the choice to control what is displayed with the remote control. The following keys on the remote control are handled by bubbamon:

  • MENU_HOME – If a screen is showing, this will take you to the first screen. If no screen is showing and BubbaMon is running in daemon mode, three consecutive presses will enter first screen.
  • UP/DOWN – Use up and down to navigate through screens.
  • EXIT – Exit will leave the screen and return SoundBridge to previous mode.
  • SELECT – When showing a file download, this will ask if you want to cancel the transfer. Confirm this by selecting YES or NO with left or right keys. Press SELECT again to confirm selection. If no key is pressed within 30 seconds, operation is aborted. That is, the file transfer will continue. You may cancel the operation with EXIT key, which will take you back to the screen.

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